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NAO Natural And Organic by LATEXPEDIC







Natural And Organic

Natural Latex start out in life as a Seed,
that grows into the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree,

(Originally only native to the Amazon Rainforest)

When grown up, the tree is tapped like maple syrup,

where a white, milky substance is tapped.

ALL 100% pure NAO Natural And Organic Certified Talalay Latexpedic Process
All 100% Pure Natural Latex

Natural Organic Latex Mattresses NAO Los Angeles Burbank Phoenix Garden Grove
Natural And Organic

NAO! for the first real new advance in bedding, . . . the incredible NAO Natural And Organic mattress by LATEXPEDIC.  Sleep easier on unbelievable comfort.  The time you can get a good nights sleep without any toxins, chemicals or off-gassing, will have a lot to do with the way you feel.  The NAO mattress is so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long not to sleep on a mattress made with polyurethane (like 99 out of 100 mattresses sold today).  Designed with all Natural And Organic cotton, wool and latex, making the one-third of your life you spend on a bed, the most healthy experience possible.  Select a NAO model for your personal use, and take a health break:  7", 9" and 11".


NAO Natural And Organic 7" Mattress

9" NAO Natural And Organic high profile mattress by LATEXPEDIC

NAO Natural And Organic 9" Mattress

NAO Natural And Organic 11" the ultimate mattress by LATEXPEDIC
NAO Natural And Organic 11" Mattress

we cover each piece latex bedding piece in a certified organic cotton knit sock
Optional:  We hand cover each latex piece in its own certified organic knit sock, zipper and chamber 3-Zippers.

We quilt both sides of the mattress with all 100% natural cotton and pure wool. 

You cannot buy a more healthy bed.

Select a mattress firmness for your personal use.
Actually, you can design your own:
top, middle (core) and bottom
firmness and thickness of each layer
or select from our 3 models and 4 firmnesses

Natural And Organic


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We know you have a LOT of choices when you buy a mattress.  We don't have Sales like all the other retailers.  But, our factory direct prices are up to 50 to 75% less than those other retailers that don't actually make their own mattresses.  Before you buy, please take the time to call us and compare our prices, quality and craftsmanship to the best in the world.  No one else really makes a mattress that can compare to our quality.   When we say we make the best mattress in the world, we mean it!